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A comprehensive litigation support resource with 15 years of trial experience, specializing in electronic discovery, traditional scan & code productions, and project management; all with an eye for presentation. Digital Discovery and Trial™ specializes in custom database and presentation solutions. If you have a litigation support project that requires special attention, we have a cost-efficient solution without compromise.
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  • Process gigabytes of data and host within hours
  • Produce native file productions within minutes
  • Find privileged or confidential documents within seconds
  • Access databases securely and instantly from anywhere

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Digital Discovery & Trial began its electronic discovery services in 2001, years in advance of the explosive growth in the EDD industry. We have almost a decade of experience handling large and small electronic data discovery (EDD) projects.

Cost effective strategies include:

Data Reduction Processing

Custodian-level deduplication and exclusion of identical file hashes for mail items  

Data Reduction Staging

Reduce processed data footprints through deduplication and removal of known files (aka De-Nisting)

Hardware-based Drive Image Collections

Encase, DD (raw) or Smart format

Meet and Confer

Rule 26 issues.

Native File Processing and Direct Export

To our Native Review and Hosting Platform

Near Duplication and Threading technologies

To group similar records for bulk tagging

Production-Level Identification and Re-Numbering

Of native file productions

Selective Batch Processing

To TIFF or PDF for traditional or quasi-native productions

Use of Electronic Content Management (ECM) Appliances

To crawl and index servers and workstations for data

Imaging+ combines all of our imaging services for what you might expect to pay for scanning-only. Our efficiency in data management combined with our best of breed technologies, allow us to offer these services for signficantly less than market rates. When you add our free Concordance®-based hosting options, our commitment is clear. Get more. Pay less. It’s that simple.

Digital Discovery and Trial consolidates this service into one inclusive imaging charge: we’ll auto-code and host your data for up to 12 months for the same price most vendors will charge for scanning alone.

12 Field Auto-Coding

Database Compilation

Document Unitization

Will manually review paper or digital documents to determine parent-child boundaries

Electronic Bates Stamp (EBS)

Used in the discovery stage to place identifying numbers on documents scanned or .This process provides identification, protection, and automatic consecutive numbering of the images.

Hosting (optional)

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Will produce a text-searchable file for each document scanned that can be searched for keywords


We will perform all aspects of the scanning process. We can pick up your files, box them up, scan on-site, prepare your documents, index and scan them into the deliverable you need.

Count on nearly two decades of trial presentation experience to make your trial presentation run smoothly.

As the first provider of exhibit imaging services in California, we have the experience to get it done right, plus the expertise to handle your most challenging needs.

We offer simplified and cost-effective do-it-yourself solutions and the optional resource of an experienced trial technician at your side.


Timelines Flash-based scenarios 3D recreations

Digital Video Transcript™

Digitize and Synchronize video for playback in: inData’s TrialDirector™ Verict System’s Sanction

Equipment Rental

Laptop presentation systems featuring TrialDirector . Projection and switching equipment for the Courtroom.

Exhibit Imaging

Custom exhibit numbering solutions Blowbacks with optional barcode footers Custom binder preparation with tab dividers


Sales, training, and installation  

Trial Consulting

Contracted in-courtroom support Pre-trial planning and case development Opening and closing statement Powerpoints

  • Point to point videoconferencing anywhere throughout the world
  • High Definition IP-based connections over 1024mbps
  • Affiliate partnerships with access to hundreds of domestic and     international sites
  • Group discounts for domestic and international long distance rates
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About Us

It's no secret that best practices develop over time. With a rapidly evolving landscape of technology, the practices of discovery and trial presentation have produced few experienced and reliable experts. Electronic discovery has fathered an entire industry, seemingly overnight, and finding experienced professionals who apply appropriate methods to appropriate technologies is difficult. Digital Discovery & Trial™ was founded in 1992 to provide solutions in litigation technology. Our goal is your goal; proven, cost-efficient solutions without compromise. Whether meeting a deadline to produce 50k printed pages, reviewing electronic discovery within hours for privilege and confidentiality, or presenting video testimony in court, we have a solution based on nearly two decades of experience in the San Diego legal community. Our best of breed solutions will provide you with confidence in chain of custody issues, review diligence and courtroom presentation support.

Management & Staff

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Ron Saunar

CEO & Director of Litigation Support Services
Ron is a 1991 graduate of UC Irvine's Humanities Program in Film Studies. With an eye for visual persuasion, he developed skills as a specialist in trial presentation, production imaging and database management. His company has pioneered numerous litigation support services in the San Diego legal community including document imaging (1992), publishing digital video transcripts on CD and DVD (1994), electronic discovery (1998) and Concordance database hosting (2004). He was the first certified trial presentation consultant in San Diego and assisted the US Attorney's Boiler Room Task Force in 1994. Throughout the 90's, Ron utilized his skills in courthouses throughout the west in a number of high profile cases, simultaneously developing new services and technologies in litigation support. His trial experience provides him with unique perspective in the electronic discovery industry. Since its inception, Ron and his company, Digital Discovery & Trial™, have pioneered an extensive list of litigation support solutions. With 16 years of experience in litigation support, Ron is a valued and trusted voice in the litigation support community.

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